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Johnnie T. Jones grew up on the southside of Chicago and admired how his dad, Johnnie Tate who took pride in how he maintained properties and handled his customers. His dad was meticulous in his methods of training his son Johnnie on how to keep a clean home. The teachings of his dad produced principles in Johnnie that sparked a passion for work in the field of environmental services.


After years of training, gaining experience and knowledge of industrial cleaning, Johnnie is confident in knowing how to perform top notch services that will restore and renew floors, etc.  Johnnie has received accolades for his work ethic and precision.


Johnnie Jones dreamed of owning his own cleaning services based upon the initial impact his dad had on his life. This was a life-long goal to open up his own cleaning services and pay homage to his father by naming the business after his father’s last name.

VISION:  To provide excellent service to commercial, private and residential properties throughout Mid-Central, IL.


Tate and Sons:

  • is dedicated to providing your business needs with top-notch performance

  • will provide customized care to produce excellent service and maintain long term relationships with our customers

  • will partner with you to sustain a professional cosmetic model for the face of your business 

we are only a phone call away

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